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MARCH 2021


Dear Art Lovers,

I’ve finally been able to draw myself away from the studio long enough to write some news!
I must admit that it’s become increasingly difficult to leave the paint and clay and the drive to continue creating has resulted in increasingly longer days… and nights.

I do have news to share though – and I’m embracing the opportunity to step away from the studio for a moment or two to reflect, and make contact again with those who have followed me on this winding path.

Firstly I would like to thank my very dear friend, artist Dr Aunty Eileen Harrison, for agreeing to be my sitter for the Archibald – our time together has resulted in a painting which has taken my focus over the last couple of months, soon to be wrapped and transported to the Art Gallery of NSW in April for judging.

The Gippsland Art Gallery in Sale are very excited to be hosting the Archibald Prize exhibition this year from the 8th of October to 21st of November and are already working very hard behind the scenes!

I’ve been busy here behind the scenes too, but for a bit of fun I created the short clip below (25 seconds) which reveals a selection of images taken in the lead up to the finalised painting ‘Enchanted Gully’.  A smaller painting on linen, 120 x 160cm, currently here at the studio.

More to read below…

Congratulations to the Heide Museum of Modern Art and curator Kendrah Morgan for presenting a major survey exhibition which celebrated the work of artist Joy Hester: Remember Me.  As I wandered through the progression of Hester’s portraits earlier this year I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude to experience such an inspiring, intimate and memorable experience – thank you very much to Anne at Avec Pleasure Art Tours for organising such a special day.

Another powerful exhibition experience I enjoyed was Lisa Roet: 30 Years of Drawing at Finkelstein Gallery  A selection of Roet’s large scale, vigorous studio drawings and sculptures of our simian relatives hands and feet were imposing and magnificent to walk into.  Individual pieces drew me close, and closer in again to inspect their finer details which evoked a sense familiarity and in some way a sense of longing – I felt the impulse to reach out and touch, a desire to connect or reconnect?  

Art inspires many soulful journey’s both in and out of the studio.  I feel very fortunate when I meet others who feel the same – artists, beholders, curators, gallerists, collectors.  Just recently I was invited to a collectors home in Melbourne to view my own work insitu and to enjoy a selection of other works whilst having tea and cake.  I felt truly honoured to be part of their collection and to see my paintings so thoughtfully curated within such beautiful surroundings – thank you!

I was also delighted to deliver Bud, a large stoneware ceramic sculpture to Anita and Paul Day, Vue at Jindivick – an Eco Bed & Breakfast set in a truly stunning location not far from my studio.  Check out their website and spectacular views of West Gippsland!  Thank you Anita for the image of Bud in situ (left).

Life continues to unfold and evolve as does an artistic practice. I have a new website but have less time to update it.  I have more friends on social media but less want to be on-line.  This creative journey has once again brought me to a point of juncture – an invitation to step up and work even harder has been offered, and in many respects it represents a time to let go. 

I look forward to sharing what’s around the next corner soon… watch this space xxx

"I've been absolutely terrified every moment of my life - and I've never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do." Georgia O'Keeffe

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