Judi Money Ceramics

Lovingly Hand Formed & Carved Stoneware Ceramics

Intuitive Processes & Philosophical Reflections

Judi Money, Artist

Forest Bridge 2019 Stoneware Ceramics & Timber, 105 cm x 45 cm h
Judi Money Ceramics
‘As One’ 2018 Winner of Best Ceramics, Art Gippsland 2018
Sunlight awakens them, they stir and their shadows move and shape-shift as the day passes…

Ph: 0411 480 384

Working with clay inspires a philosophical journey within.

Intuitive connections to the natural world are made and creative ‘flow’ is inspired.

Without a preconceived idea, thoughts take flight and a block of clay quickly becomes a vessel of creation.

The work is heavily carved, shadows appear and disappear in fluctuating light.

Sunlight awakens them.
Spotlight amplifies them.
‘Soul Journey #8’ Finalist Exhibition, Gippsland Sculpture Exhibition 2019

Sculptures stir as their shadows move and continue to shape-shift as the day passes.

‘Soul Journey #7’ Finalist Exhibition, Gippsland Sculpture Exhibition 2019
Forever in motion – fluctuating and interwoven abstract perspectives continue to awaken the imagination.

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contact the artist directly on 0427 274 501

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A selection of Judi Money’s Ceramic Sculpture is currently available at SERIGRAPH GALLERY, NEERIM SOUTH

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