Fields of View presents a variety of perspectives and perceptions about the environment through the eyes, hearts and minds of five passionate Australian artists.

Fields of View

Touring Exhibition influenced by the Black Saturday Fires 2009

Fields of View
Peter Biram, Leonie Ryan, Honourable Ted Baillieu, Kerrie Warren,
Werner & Ursula Theinert, Gary Blackwood MP

Presented at Queen’s Hall, Parliament House Melbourne


Fields of View presents a variety of perspectives and perceptions about the environment through the eyes, hearts and minds of five passionate Australian artists.

Artists Peter Biram, Leonie Ryan, Kerrie Warren, Werner and Ursula Theinert collaborated and shared individual experiences, emotions and concepts of the Black Saturday bush fires 2009

‘Fields of View’ on tour Maffra Exhibition Space (Sale Regional), Maffra Victoria, Warrnambool Art Gallery, Warrnambool, Walker Street Gallery, Melbourne, Maroondah Art Gallery, Melbourne Victoria


Exhibition statement

Fields of View presents a variety of perspectives and perceptions about the environment, through the eyes, hearts and minds of five passionate Australian artists. Artist’s Leonie Ryan, Kerrie Warren, Peter Biram, together with Ursula and Werner Theinert share their individual visions, emotions and concepts about the environment including individual experiences of the Black Saturday bush fires.

Proudly sponsored by GippsTAFE and International Power Mitsui, Loy Yang B

Firewall’ March 2009 

Acrylic on Canvas  122 cm x 183 cm, Collected by Major Sponsor – International Power / Mitsui Loy Yang B

Fields of View at Parliament House, Friday 5th Feb 2010 – Thank you speech by Kerrie Warren

On behalf of my amazing colleagues – artists Leonie Ryan, Peter Biram, Werner & Ursula Theinert and myself,  I would like to sincerely thank the following people who have helped make this journey such a wonderful and healing experience for us all….

Mr.Ted Baillieu MLA, Leader of the Opposition and Shadow Minister for the Arts, we are truly honoured that you have officially launched a new arts movement Environmental Expressionism inspired by Mr. Peter Biram,  here in Queen’s Hall, Parliament House tonight.  Thank you also for acknowledging our group project ‘Fields of View’, a touring art exhibition based on the Black Saturday Fires, coordinated by artist Leonie Ryan.

Thank you so much Ted, you really have made this an historical occasion and a night to remember!

Mr. Russell Broadbent MP, Federal Member for McMillan, we are so pleased that you could make it here tonight, we really appreciate your time, your support and your ongoing interest in what we do.  Thank you so much.

I would also like to thank our group sponsor ‘Gipps Tafe’.  On behalf of the ‘Fields of View’ artists I would like to thank Dr. Peter Whitley CEO of Gippstafe,  Jim Vivien, Dr. Phillip Bachelor, David Bruce and Head of the Art Design and Media department, Mr. Gary Dunbier.  Gipps Tafe has been a learning and growing experience for each artist within this group at some point, and we are sincerely grateful and encouraged by your ongoing interest and financial support in this project… thank you for choosing to be a part of our future as professional artists.

I would also like to thank our very good friend and artist Steve Gray for being with us here tonight and for taking photographs to record these precious and historical moments, thank you Steve.  Also, a big thank you to filmmaker Matthew Cairns who has previously worked with Werner and Ursula Theinert on the documentary, ‘Touched by Fire’ personal stories from Victoria’s bush fire affected communities of 2009.

I’m so pleased to see Deece Campbell and her husband Steve in the audience,  Deece and her son James have worked tirelessly on this project behind the scenes and we all appreciate the time and the creative energy that has been put into this.

This night is particularly special because everyone in this room is now a part of our journey and we are so pleased that you here right now to celebrate this occasion with us, but of course, this night just would not have happened without the generous support of our amazing MC,  Mr. Gary Blackwood MP, Member for Narracan.  Gary, we can’t thank you enough for your enthusiasm, your ongoing professional support and your genuine kindness.  It has been a real pleasure to work with yourself and your very helpful staff, Jennifer and Matt.

On behalf of all the artists we would like to take this opportunity to thank you!

Link to Speech made by Kerrie Warren at Parliament House in 2010 HERE

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