In Flow...

Yering Station Art Gallery

5th April – 14th May 2023

Image of the painting 'In Flow' installed at Yering Station Art Gallery.

In Flow… 2022 will showcase at Yering Station Art Gallery from 5th April to 14th May.

As Topographical view above, and as Panorama below

FOR SALE, concept of subdividing a landscape painting titled In Flow, Exhibition at Yering Station. Artist Kerrie Warren
Plan of Subdivision, In Flow, Exhibition at Yering Station, artist Kerrie Warren
Editorial about Kerrie Warren's dance with paint on display at Yering Station by Mikayla van Loon, Star News

During Covid lockdowns, artist Kerrie Warren rolled out long lengths of linen on her studio floor in Crossover and immersed herself in paint to create her largest work to date ‘In Flow’.   A 20 mt long panorama made of 12 abutting stretchers was soon back on the floor again when she noticed the potential to evolve the expansive work as a cyclorama in 2022.

Warren had surrounded herself completely in a glorious array of colour, intertwining layers and organic patterns that evoke a sense of place, an ever-flowing landscape which lies deep within the artist herself.

“As an abstract expressionist (action painter), I become emotionally and physically consumed as I pour, dribble, splatter, and throw the paint.  In the act of creating, I gain an acute sense of rhythm which I postulate is my own personal connection to this existential experience of life.

The natural environment has a significant influence and subliminally it follows me into the studio where I explore concepts of undulating movement and poetic configurations of line, form, and colour which evoke a sense of liveliness.

Over time scales have expanded in direct response to the sensation of feeling small within the bigger picture.  I find myself literally walking through a landscape ‘inside a painting’, where a journey of the spirit unfolds before me… “

Kerrie Warren in the Studio 2022, image by Joe Patchett

I often find myself literally walking through landscape – inside a painting.

 Link to 5 minute video here

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