Interwoven Systems of Existence

Installation by Multidisciplinary Artist Kerrie Warren – Frankston Arts Centre 20th April – 24th June 2017

Curved Wall Gallery
Interwoven Systems of Existence 2017 is an installation of paintings and ceramics created by contemporary artist Kerrie Warren. Other materials used include artist designed wallpaper, ready-made and inherited items and a variety of flora and fauna found in the vicinity of the artists studio amongst other things. The various wallpapers have all been designed by the artist using macro images of her original painting ‘Impermanence’ 2016, digitally manipulated to create various patterns from chaos…*

Up for Rural Review 2017

Acrylic on Caravaggio Linen, 208 cm h x 670 cm w on the Curved Wall

Image by Darryl Whitaker

“Over the years the natural environment has had a significant influence on my work. I have expanded the scale of it in direct response to the overwhelming sensation experienced whilst taking in, absorbing, and trying to comprehend the ‘bigger picture’ in order to find my own place within it.” Kerrie Warren

A poetic composition that plays with the idea of ‘The Last Supper’, in this case the final meal is provided by and shared with Mother Nature who plays a starring role at the table…

This complex composition evokes a sense of pause and the spectator is invited in to experience (and thereby be part of) life’s delicate balance, its vulnerable fragility and sublime impermanence.